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MTL contributes to the excellent flavors the Asian Kitchen in Israel offers by developing products and raw materials of uncompromising taste, texture and quality and adjusting them to the local palate.

The Asian kitchen offers a wealth of flavors and new culinary options that are quickly and enthusiastically adopted by the Israeli consumer. The origins of these flavors are the raw materials that Asian restaurants and food chains use. The choice is abundant yet quality and process vary from brand to brand, a knowledgeable directing hand is useful to reach reliable sources.

MTL manufactures customized food products in industrial plants that are experienced in developing and adjusting food products according to customer specifications of taste, texture and packaging. MTL institutional and retail customers receive imported food products equal in quality to that of popular brands, at a more competitive price.

Saving costs
Margins in the food industry are very small. Therefore, savings in the importation process can significantly contribute to profitability. Importing through MTL saves time not only finding products in the required price range and quality but also for all the import costs: issuing import certificates and complying with regulation, control over the production process and the order specifications, and finally the cost of forwarding and customs clearance.
Having all the adequate documents are ready in time shortens the clearance process at destination.

Import licenses, standards and Kosher certification
MTL is familiar with all the licenses and certificates required by the local authorities for approving food products for importation – analysis, list of ingredients etc. Additionally, MTL staff in Israel is experienced and saves valuable time by conducting a short import process. Once the product is approved for import, MTL transfers the label and marking requirements to the manufacturer in China. MTL provides label design services according to the customer’s needs.
Importing Kosher food products requires knowledge and care. MTL has vast experience complying with the different Kosher approvals of the various food chain stores and religious communities in Israel.

A Package Deal: Experts in importing for chain restaurants and franchisers
MTL customers benefit from a comprehensive service from an expert sourcing company covering the entire business needs – raw materials, the serving and table ware as well as packaging for the final product (take-away and other). This service concentrates the chains’ entire needs at one source, reduces costs and provides the end user a product of uniform quality, design and taste, while freeing the franchiser to develop his core business and customer base.

MTL wraps up the entire service offering for chain restaurants and franchisers by providing warehousing and distribution services for the products it imports, directly to the chain branches.


  • Adjusting the taste and texture to the customer’s specification
  •  Issue the manufacture’s license – analysis, list of ingredients etc. to the local authorities
  • Issue a fast-track import license
  •  Kosher certification, when necessary
  • Franchisers end-to-end service from identification, and placing the order to importation and distribution
  •  For franchisers – high standard, original packaging according to the chain branding
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