Expert and Safe Sourcing

Companies using MTL’s sourcing services benefit from fast service that provides lower costs and increases profits

In recent years China and Thailand are no longer stereotyped as a cheap mass production market and rather established themselves asreliable sources for quality and standard compliant products. Requirements worldwide are changing, standards are more stringent, Asiancountries are developing as well as their manufacturing capabilities. This is a huge market with an indefinite array of products andmanufacturers capable of complying with all quality and price levels.


Sourcing according to customer’s specification

Where does one begin? What do the unfamiliar names and brands represent?

The average importer cannot master and identify his specific needs from the wealth of information and find a product that will satisfy his requirements, and give him competitive advantage by differentiating him from his competitors.

MTL helps companies find their products and suppliers according to product design or specification. The service enables examining whether the chosen product is adequate in quality and price


The service includes:

  • Providing a choice of standard products from leading suppliers at the required quality and price
  • Changing and amending the product to match specific requirements
  • A round of product samples until final prototypes approval
  • Checking the certification and import requirements and whether the manufacturer can provide them.
  • Provide a manufacturer financial and credibility report
  • Personal and reliable service from the MTL team in Asia and in Israel.

MTL operates a skilled, professional local team familiar with the different companies and fields of industry, who know how to identify the required products cost-efficiently and on schedule

MTL’s supervision and control services don’t end with the purchase order. They follow the entire procurement cycle: negotiations regarding the commercial terms, supervising the stages of production, supplying the required certificates (compliance with international quality, environmental and if necessary rabbinical kosher certification), pre-shipment inspection and fast delivery to destination.

Expert and Safe Sourcing