Knowledge and experience which promote the relations and commercial procedures between the parties creating a WIN-WIN transaction for all parties.

Culture differences between Israel and Far East influence significantly the way business is conducted between parties interested in these countries. The different languages, culture and behavior codes can be an obstacle in the way of a sealing good deal.

When importing from the Far East, creating sound importer-exporter relations is a crucial stage. The entire process must be executed in an orderly manner – from understanding the local business culture, the ability to conduct a transparent, balanced negotiations process that will satisfy both parties; and overcome hurdles that exist in and import-export negotiation process.

MTL and the company’s employees in the exporting countries have the required experience, comprehensive knowledge of the local markets that qualify them to consult and guide customers through the initial stages of engagement with confidence and professional backing. Our import experts will guide your through the entire negotiations process until all the terms of the purchase order are clear, and agreed upon – quantities, schedules, terms of delivery – to ensure satisfaction.


Our services include:

  • Determine the prototype according to initial features
  •   Mediation between the commercial requirements of both parties – supplier/customer to reach a win-win deal
  •   Conclude quantities and supply schedules
  •   Provide packaging instruction, standard marking and labeling
  •   Agree on the commercial terms and payment terms
  •   Transparency, fair negotiations and experience that embraces all phases of the transaction

The local MTL team is familiar with local culture and custom speak the local language and will take you across all the stages towards a safe profitable and reliable deal.