What you have written, examined and approved in your PO is what you get!

MTL is your representative at the production site, monitoring the stages of production from signing the order to safe and complete delivery.

One of the prominent features of mass production in China is the enormous scope for hundreds of thousands of regular and occasional customers, and the manufactures that produce an endless variety of products, quantities and qualities.

MTL promotes your specific order with the manufacturer by monitoring and supervising the phases of production according to the schedule and the quality requirements.

Daily supervision enables real-time detection of faults and failures that can be corrected during production. 


The service includes:

  • An examination of the specifications, approval of the prototype and authorization to start production
  • Product and package design and labeling
  • Supervising the manufacturing process while maintaining the delivery schedule
  • Quality control: according to the customer’s guidelines
  • Check that all necessary safety and quality standard certificates are provided
  • Kosher food certificate when required
  • Provide a complete inspection report and photographs prior to shipment containerization

Quality control: Standard compliance procedures

During the initial sourcing stage the product specification and manufacturing data are transferred to the relevant ministry – health, agriculture, communications, etc. – with the import application. The Ministry approves the product and specifies standard and labeling requirements. These are crucial for a smooth and legal import procedure.

International inspection agencies: should the customer or the country of importation require the inspection of qualified international agencies such as SGS, Bureau Verita, Cotecna etc., MTL coordinates collecting the required documentation and receiving the pre-shipment approval of the agency for importing the goods.