The Israeli promotional products market is very competitive. To achieve competitive advantage, end-users must receive a quality solution, fast import procedures and the lowest price possible.

A large segment of the market is ruled by internet based marketing companies. What can be easier than to do a quick google search, choose a supplier and place the order? Anyone can do that. However, these internet companies enjoy huge profit margins, as do Israeli importers selling locally from stock. Often, private and focused importation will provide a better solution or advantage that will win the bid.
MTL’s uncompromising promotional products add to your competitive edge and brand visibility.

Updated and original offer

The market is characterized by fashions and trends that often develop in line with technology. Advertisers need their promotional product to be original, useful, attractive and induce people to use them. Promotional products reflect the company’s datedness, originality and quality. There are many cheap products – finding a quality product at a competitive price needs expertize.


Speed and precision

In an endless market of promotional product, MTL identifies and offers original products. These products, depending on their nature, may need Standard Institute or Ministry of Communication’s license to be imported. MTL acquires the full set of required documents quickly and professionally.
MTL helps enterprises and marketing companies gain advantage over their competitors by quickly locating, through its local staff in China and Thailand, the required product, and prepare the proper documentation saving time and money.


  • Fast and focused location of specification compliant products
  • Product design according to brand requirements
  • Fast track for import licenses including Standards Institute and Ministry of Communications.
  • Products that transmit quality – process that maintain profit.