Quality, unique design, competitive prices and fast, personal service give MTL’s import products a competitive advantage in the home textiles market.

The textile market in the East is growing as does the quality of the imported goods. MTL  imports a wide range of home textiles – blankets, beddings, towels, bathrobes – of a variety of styles, quality and prices. MTL customers – retailers and specialized marketing chains, enjoy imported goods that differentiate them on many parameters – quality, variety and price.

We guarantee the best price for your choice of product quality and quantity In the field of textiles the customer decides the product quality according to the target market. MTL team offers extensive experience importing textiles of various quality from the East. MTL controls its entire import process including the quality of materials, approving the design, testing the final product, packaging, markings and fast, effective and safe delivery.



Unique packaging design

In the world of home textile Design is an important feature creating demand and differentiation from the competition. MTL has a team of textile designers, graduates of the leading Israeli textile design faculties, who create original and unique designs for our customers catering to the latest fashions and market trends. The product and package design provide the importer with visibility style that attracts customers in a competitive market.

Maya the Bee

MTL מחזיקה בזיכיון לשימוש במותג הדבורה מאיה למוצרי טקסטיל. מותג זה עשה חזרה לבמה המרכזית בשנים האחרונות, ומהווה גורם משיכה עבור ילדים הצופים בסדרה המחודשת. MTL מעצבת מוצריים ייחודים בשילוב המותג המוכר והאהוד הדבורה מאיה במגבות, סדינים, שמיכות, כריות וחלוקי רחצה.


  • Locating suppliers – buying from the source
  • Unique and original design- helps differentiate and encourages competition
  • Franchise for popular brands – Maya the Bee